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SCN2A Symptom Checker

Are you wondering if your loved one could have an SCN2A related disorder?

The SCN2A Foundation has partnered with Probably Genetic to increase access to genetic testing within our community.

Fill out the SCN2A Symptom Checker to learn if you are eligible for genetic testing! Probably Genetic’s no-cost genetic testing program for pediatric epilepsy disorders is patient-initiated. It also includes genetic counseling to explain any questions or findings.

If your loved one is experiencing symptoms associated with pediatric epilepsy or developmental disorders, you can apply to the program by completing the short quiz below.

Once the lab receives your samples, Probably Genetic will deliver your results in 6-8 weeks. Finally, you will have the option of genetic counseling, virtually or over the phone.

If eligible, you will receive a sample collection kit mailed directly to your home, including a return pickup service. You will get the test at no charge and can complete the test without leaving your home or coordinating with a doctor’s office!

Please note: Testing is available only in the United States at this time.

SCN2A Related Disorder Symptom Checker:


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