Accelerating therapies for those diagnosed with SCN2A

Founded by parents, our mission is to drive & accelerate targeted therapies for SCN2A - a complex & deadly CNS disorder that's difficult to treat.

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The SCN2A Foundation is dedicated to accelerating targeted research and treatment for the SCN2A disease - a disease at the intersection of untreatable epilepsy, autism, and other physical presentations, through strategic, cutting edge technologies and processes.

But we can’t do this alone.
Urgent, Strategic, Focused

Studies show therapies administered early have their greatest impact, whether these be medicinal or behavioral. Our team is focused on finding what works, and quickly moving on from what doesn’t.

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Instead of raising funds and hoping the best researchers apply for them, we’re taking a different, qualitative and quantitative approach, working with the leading experts in pediatric genetics to fund the highest impact projects, specifically targeted toward therapeutic development.

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